Problem with th recent Broadcom driver autoupdate


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My Dell XPS desktop computer is two weeks old. Win 7 works great.
When I got the computer, the first thing I did was to install Linksys wmp300N wireless adaptor on PCI slot.
Installation of its driver was followed. Since then, the wireless internet connecxtion has been working great so far.

Recently, there were autoupdates of dirvers and files. One of the updates was "Broadcom driver update for broadcom 802.11n adaptor". This update killed the wireless connection. I could not figure out how to fix this problem. I am now forced to use an ethernet cable for the Internet connection. I wonder anybody has a similar experience. If so, could you please share how you fixed the conenction problem. Hummer


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Thanks. That is not issue. I tried it and it works.
But I bet that the new update must be improved one than the original driver.
So I would like to fix the problem for the new update driver.


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I have to agree. Rolling back the drivers should work. Worth a try.


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I have found that not all new updates work. I updated my Nvida drivers last June and it caused problems for me. I rolled back and just lately I updated again with their latest and had no problem.


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Someone elss here says "if it works, don't fix it"
You can stop the "fixing"
Control panel, icon view. - System Advanced - System settings.
Hardware - Device installatjon settings.
"No, Let me choose what to do"


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Thanks to all.

But if I do not update, the update file is still sitting there to be updated.
That annoys me.


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If it is still popping up as an offer, you can "hide" it so that you will not see it again.
Control Panel (icon view)
Windows update
Click on the Windows Update icon.
Click on View available updates.
Right click on the update you want to hide, and click Hide update.

Make sure you have your update options Control panel - Windows update - Change settings. set to "Check for updates but let me ..etc


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Isn't it an Optional update? This can happen w/ graphics/display updates, also, & a Roll-back is the fix. If an update makes something worse instead of better, you roll back & indeed do ignore that it is being offered... unless a 'critical/high-priority' update (which Automatic Updates throws in anyway), just cus it's being offered does not mean it must be taken.



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Here's a good one drew. I'm dual-booting Windows 7 and Vista.

I had trouble try to install Nvidia graphic drivers.

So I see the icon in the tray that there are new updates, so I go check the out, One says important (which was an update for my Geforce 8500GT)

Then I look under optional and I see the Geforce 8500Gt in the list of optional updates. Now how in the Hell is the update to the Ge Fore in the important k=list when the drivers for the card are nit even installed.:confused:

Funny how Windows works sometimes


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I think my problem was that I first installed them in Vista, then switched to Windows 7 and all attempts failed

I though Windows would at least give me a WDDM driver, but I;m stuck with a VGA adapter in Windows 7

In Vista it shows up as a Nvidia GeFore 8500GT.

Go figure. my computer must not have ESP


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No problem, knowing me I probably worded it wrong:)

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