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    Hi guys, I hope somebody can help me with this problem. And the problem is I cannot login to my windows 7. On the startup, when it comes to the logon screen I receive message "the group policy client service failed the logon. access is denied". I tried to boot in safe mode, in mode with cmd, no success. I tried to create new profile in cmd, but I cannot assign this profile to local group. The only thing I want to do is to log into windows somehow to copy my documents to external hard disc, so I can perform format disc. I hope someone has the sollution..thanks
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    If you don't have any luck booting in an option is to create a Ubuntu disk and use it to log into your computer.
    Just download the Ubuntu ISO and burn it to a disk using ImgBurn.

    I always have an up to date disk handy, I can't tell you how many computers I booted with it.
    It will let you save everything to an external or alternate internal drive.

    It will boot pretty much any computer that doesn't have a hardware issue.

    It also comes in handy doing things that Windows won't let you do, like deleting a file when Windows say no. LOL

    For universal use chose 32bit but if you computer is 64 you can use that.
    You can install it from the disk, but you don't have to, the disk will boot into the Ubuntu interface and let you move files around get online etc, it has a browser and everything built in.

    Be careful downloading these to make sure you aren't agreeing to download something else along with it.
    I'm getting kind of paranoid about that anymore.

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    This is an older thread and may already be overtaken by events. If you are still having problems or are concerned about a recurrence, there is another direction you can explore.

    You don't mention whether this is a home computer or one in a networked office. If It is a home computer, you purchased a version of Windows that includes features intended to support an office network. There are security and support issues associated with an office network that don't exist at home. For example, the Home version of Windows does not contain any of the features that deal with group policies.

    If yours is a home computer, you might want to explore disabling some of these features that provide you with no benefits, but which add an unnecessary layer of complexity and could cause you headaches like what you experienced.

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