Windows 7 Problems with my home WiFi


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My Windows 7 computer can't find my home WiFi channel , sometimes i can find the neigbours netwrk but i dont know the password so i can´t connect to those. Every other computer and my iPhone fins the network so i dont think that is athe problem . right now the computer cant find any network , It sais that everything is alright with the driver altough i had some problem installing it , My computer is a LG LW65 and the wlan card is a Ralink T2500 pci. Please help me anyone ? I really need to get this working .

are you running a music / audio / video streamer / slingbox / squeezebox / xbox, or a wireless network printer.

These all use IP addresses and are usually Wireless devices.

sometimes these grab an IP address that your other computer is trying to use -- and of course as these aren't "computers" you won't get a message "Conflicting IP address".

Unplug all of these and re-boot router and computer -- and don't start any music streaming services until after your computer has connected.

Also switch off any 2.2 / 2.4 GHZ video senders ( these can interfere with the wireless transmission from your router)
same with Microwaves, and mobile phones particularly Iphones -- always a suspicious culprit for "Stealing IP addresses" -- once it's working you can turn on mobiles again.

Try also changing the channel on the router and change it to transmitting both 801b and 801g.

The fact that your router can pick up other wireless connections also indicates that the wireless function itself isn't actually broken.