Insider Preview Project Spartan, is well, Too Spartan!


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This is it, it's all I get....

It sits like this for a while and then closes.

I've also noticed that Windows Defender never runs a scan on it's own, instead I give me a notice that "Your computer may be unprotected" and I have to open it and tell it to run.

I looked for someplace to tell it to run when the computer is inactive but I can't find settings like that.
Everything is set in the on position.


I did finally get it to open but it's pretty non functional and crashes or goes nowhere when I search.

I just spent a half hour giving feedback about the problems I've had with the new build.

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It's not just you... however I assumed mine didn't work because I'm in Australia and we tend to get ignored by Microsoft. Just stand in the corner with the rest of us until they wake up and patch it.:rolleyes:


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Strange mine works fine. Running it on VBOX


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I just tried it again, still totally dysfunctional.
Screen flashes, icons disappear and this time it didn't even load the MSN home page.

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