Windows 7 Proposal for Windows 7 Developers - What does the community think?


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Jan 12, 2009
I'm using the beta since yesterday and the quality is great!

But I think there should be one feature integrated in the final Windows 7:

When hovering over the "Show Desktop"-button in the lower right-end corner, the user can see all the opened windows, but transparent. If the user clicks on the button, he can see the desktop.
Now, for using the button instinctively, I would propose the developers that, by clicking the button, the user can still move the mouse and if he reaches a window, the window is made visible. In this way the user can better differenciate between the different windows. If the user then clicks on the window, especially this window is brought to front. If he clicks on the desktop, the desktop is made visible. If he clicks again on the "Show Destop"-button, the original state is recovered.

What is the sense of hovering over the button and then only seeing the windows opened? You can do nothing, though it's a great view of the desktop! With my proposal, and if you have a little amount of opened windows, you can easily switch between the different windows without searching them in the taskbar.

What do you think? I discussed this with a friend of mine and we both think that it would be a very good improvement.

I completely disagree. That would be a hard one to program in the sense what if someone has thirty windows and two directly on top of each other. How would it choose which one to bring to the front? I dont quite know what ur getting at with this feature quite yet but if you could provide maybe a little more detail that would be great. Thanks!
I have to agree with Iroken22 on this one.. though your idea is creative I really don't think it sounds like a very practical one.. not to mention the high level of difficulty it would take to implement what your proposing... So long story short.. you have a good idea in theory.. but in reality I don't think it would fly.. ;)

I really don't understand what the purpose is of hovering over this button to see my desktop.

Why do I want to see my wallpaper and icons through transparent windows? If I need to open another program, I have to minimize or move all the windows anyway to get to that program icon.

I cant tell what window is what because they are just outlines anyway.

Is there something I am missing? A reason why the button shouldn't just be a "show desktop" button like old.

That's the thing:
if you have only outlines, you can't distinguish between the different programs. With my version, you can have the outlined windows and if you want to change a program, you can hover over the desktop, search for the right program and then by clicking bringing to the front.

Seriously now, why do you need that super feature? When you have 10 app windows open. do you really want to check every single one until you find your wanted window?
just FYI, Win7 already has the feature you want, only slightly different.
Press ALT+Tab and you can choose there with your mouse too. (I dont know if vista had that already, i switched from xp to win7)
The new Showdesktop button is great, because you can show the desktop without aiming for a tiny icon first. Simply rush the mouse in the corner and click. Apple has a similar feature, but there it annoyed me because no click was necessary :D

Sometimes you dont want to loose your window arrangment, for example when you have multiple browser windows arranged for drag&drop etc.
The transparent windows, while hovering over the button, show you the active windows. This info could be interesting, because these windows will be restored if you click on the showdesktop button again, unless you opened a new window in the meantime.
Still, bottomline of all this: Does it matter? its like the "Windows startup logo Thread"
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