Question about autoplay and files in explorer


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I just recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on my PC and I have couple of questions regarding it:

1. Next problem is about putting one file below or up the other one in Windows Explorer, for example:


When I try to drag and drop File1.txt below File2.txt so it looks like this:


I just can't, it dosen't work. But on my desktop I can do it without problem. Any way to fix this or workaround so I can freely move my files in Windows Explorer?

2. I'm having some applications when I run them in lower right corner, for example : "Windows Live Messanger" and some applications like "SlySoft AnyDVD". I was wondering, why when I one-left click "Windows Live Messanger" I get his options like I did right click on him, while when I click "SlySoft AnyDVD" it opens the whole application just like I would like it? Only when I double left click "Windows Live Messanger" it opens me whole window of the application.



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1. Unfortunately, Windows 7 has no provisions to allow moving files or folders around in a free style way. It will sort them based on how you set it, e.g. by name.

2. How the applications function in the system tray is based on the application itself not Windows 7.