Question on driver updates for windows 7 to 10

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Just installed windows 10 last night everything worked fine, but this morning after booting up there was a problem with my ethernet driver and internet wouldn't work. I then restarted the computer it worked again. This is a computer I built back in 2009. I checked windows update and everything is up to date.

In your opinion is this anything to worry about?

Thank you

Hi I would check to see if there is a up dated driver for your internet adapter if you keep having the problem.
Nothing to worry if it works. Windows 10 may have already the driver for you!:)
Glad to hear W10 is working fine!

Thanks windows 10 downloaded it for me.

Out of curiosity in the future if I decide to upgrade my motherboard would that invalidate the free windows 10 upgrade? To revalidate would I need to reinstall windows 7 then complete the upgrade again?

Hi It is my understanding if you upgrade the MB your license is no longer any good. You might get lucky and and talk MS into validating it after the new MB, but that's a hit and miss game. You might get more replies from other members latter.
I'm glad to hear W10 is working for you. I'm sure you have already or getting ready to create a back up image.;)
Thanks for the update!:up:


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Holdum333 is correct. The Windows 10 upgrade licence is non transferable even if the licence you upgraded from was retail.
The Windows 10 licence is for the life of the machine only and Microsoft considers a new motherboard, a new machine.
You can call Microsoft and explain that you had to change the motherboard for whatever reason and they may, as Gary say's, give you a new key but I wouldn't say it was a definite.

Thanks I thought that might be the case wasn't sure. Yep I've already made my back up image. Thanks for all the help with that Gary.

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Hi @musiclover2000 You are very welcome. I wish I could help everyone learn how to create back up images.
A back up image can make your computer life a lot less stressful. My thinking is that W10 is going to be a lot easier to maintain and the recovery options will help people with less PC experience. May be not?? I guess time will tell!
I'm real happy that every thing is working out for you. Now don't be a stranger and come back often and share your knowledge with us!:D:worship::bighug:You just made my day!!

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Thanks Gary I'll do that. I've got my first contribution right here sort of.

That issue with the ethernet adapter came up again. It happens when I clean the system up with something called advanced system care 9. I went into device manager and noticed the driver was provided by microsoft not intel. I'm using a intel board so I guess windows 10 didn't download the most recent driver from intel. I checked intel's website and they have no drivers for windows 10 the most recent is windows 8

To correct the problem I right clicked to disable ethernet then clicked enable and that seems to fix my problem almost immediately. If anyone else has issues like this that may help.

Thats why I was curious about what would happen if I changed my motherboard concerning Windows 10. My options were either to switch back to Windows 7 with my disk image or install a ethernet card or go all the way with a new motherboard. Since the problem is an easy fix so far I've decided to stick with my current board and Windows 10 for as many years as possible since it works for now.

OH no! Please don't tell me you use that snake oil IObit Advanced System Care. That program will cause you nothing but grief and you don't need it. I was a VIP on there forum for a long time. Won't say any more about that. I'm thinking ASC is causing you the problem with internet adapter.
Lets see what my friend @kemical has to say when he reads this thread.;)
I'm sure other members will have more comments latter about this!!

Thanks for the warning I'll just stop using it and see what that does. I was using the free version. I wasn't aware the program was like that.

Hi friend! I can only say so much and I may have already said to much about this. IMHO you don't need these programs that clean your register and supposedly optimize your PC. I've used them in the past friend, and IMHO, they only cause you grief. You may get different replies latter.
These are my thoughts and not necessary the thoughts of the forum. I really like this freeware to find left over files after uninstalling a program. I think you will love it. You can do a search and I guarantee it will find every file that program down loaded on your PC.
Everything Search Engine
PS The only other tool I use is CCleaner!

Thanks I'll give those a try.


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"I'm going to attempt to create my rescue media with macrium reflect for my hard drive but came across a couple questions. Before the actually creation it gives me 2 choices to either use a usb device or cd/dvd burner. Under cd/dvd burner the choices are create a ISO image file or it gives the name of my dvd writer.

1. If I'm looking to create bootable rescue media I would choose the option with my dvd writers name or if i just want to backup a image file I would choose create ISO file.

Is that correct?"

Choosing the drive creates the bootable rescue cd. Backing up an image file does not create an iso but you can make image files using multiple dvd disks but it will take quite a few as part of the image creation process.
Create the rescue disk in "Other Tasks" "Create Rescue disk".

"2. After creating bootable media it says to test it to verify it will actually work. If I tested it and it didn't work would that wipe my entire drive clean? I do have my windows 7 installation disk if it happened. It's just time consuming reinstalling all my drivers and programs and I just wanted a heads up if it could happen."

Testing the rescue disk simply means booting into the rescue cd which shows you the rescue environment but doesn't restore or create anything unless you ask it to. You would be simply testing thet the rescue disk brought you into the rescue environment where you can restore an image file.


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Glad to help.

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