Windows 10 Questions about windows10 services

Just trying to find some info about stock windows apps located in sysapps folder

Microsoft.ADD.BrookerPlugin do anyone know what's that?

Microsoft.LockApp ?

Microsoft.BioEnrolment that's most probably hallo face unlock am I right?

Microsoft .Windows.ContentDeliveryManager what's that one?



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Suggest you don't mess with these or Windows may cease to operate properly. As the folder suggests these apps are used by THE SYSTEM. In fact it's a pity Microsoft don't hide this folder to protect inquisitive users. Leave well alone.

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Microsoft .Windows.ContentDeliveryManager
This is windows spotlight... basicly shows adds for Microsoft products.

I just found it from Microsoft myself.

Microsoft.ADD.BrookerPlugin responsible for searches like Bing search Yahoo search Google search.

Microsoft.BioEnrolment also called hallo it's Microsofts face unlock feature

Microsoft .Windows.ContentDeliveryManager responsible for Microsoft and partners ads

Microsoft.LockApp responsible for modern lock screen

The only app needed in sysapps for Windows to correctly work is shellexperience as I manages icons on your taskbar. Rest are just crapware

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