Ram reported vs usable (more reported than installed)

Running x64 retail on a custom build:
Core 2 Duo @ 3.0 ghz
2 gigs crucial ballistix
GeForce 9800 GTX+ (512 MB)
MSI P43 Neo motherboard

Not the issue people are thinking. I have 2 gigs of Ram installed and under system properties is shows Installed Ram 3.0 GB (2.0 usable), DXDIAG shows 3 gigs installed, Nvidia control panel shows 512 GB on the vid card which is correct and 1286 total usable video memory.

A friend of mine has 1 gig installed and windows reports 8.0 GB (1.0 Usable)

Any ideas?

I know about the memory remap/memory hole setting - which my mobo does not have listed in the bios. Not sure if that would even correct this issue.


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Is it possible your computer has on board RAM?
It could also be caused by your video card.


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Your missing another 512MG,. but I'm nut sure where.

Anyway,. this is nothing to worry about at all.

This is very odd, since I see everyone else have the opposite issue. No onboard video for my board, so not sharing that memory. And my Vid card only has 512 RAM. So even with sys ram and vid ram it's only 2512 total. Suprised no one else has seen this.

Solved as best as I can.

I removed one stick of ram to test - shows 1 gig isntalled, installed second stick as single channel - shows 2 gigs, installed back as dual channel - showing 2 gigs. Dunno what the issue is. Either Windows error or it was using something else as cache which was being reported at RAM. Wish I know what the real cause was...

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