Random BSOD when playing or watching movies.

As the title tells you, I'm getting random BSOD's.

I followed Captain Jacks guide and used SF Diagnostic tool, CPU-Z and RAMMon, all the files are attached in the .rar

Sry for my bad english.

View attachment Anubis_BSODinfo.rar


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Hello and welcome to the forum.
Update the driver for your Realtek NIC from here Realtek
If blue screens persist. Attach new ones to your next post.

Thank you for a quick answer ^^


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You're welcome. Now let's see if it approaches anything like a solution. Answers are easy, solutions slightly more difficult.

Just had another BSOD, tcpip.sys it said in the bsod.


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Just had another BSOD, tcpip.sys it said in the bsod.
As mentioned above "If Blue Screens persist, attach new ones here".
sptd.sys usually associated with Daemon Tools use this utility DuplexSecure - Downloads get the correct version for your system architecture and click the "UNINSTALL" button.
UltraMonUtility.sys 11/13/2008 UltraMon Support
wacommousefilter.sys 2/16/2007 Drivers | Wacom Americas

Thanks for the answer again, really sorry for not attaching the new dumpfile. I've done what you said and will see if new problems appear. Thank you once again for helping me out.


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Check your Motherboard vendor for a BIOS update
BiosVendor = Award Software International, Inc.
BiosVersion = F2
BiosReleaseDate = 01/04/2008
SystemManufacturer = Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
SystemProductName = EP35-DS3
Assuming your board is Rev. 2.1, then:
BiosVersion = F4
BiosReleaseDate = 06/19/2009 is available GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 775 - GA-EP35-DS3 (rev. 2.1)
And you still have not addressed the other two older drivers I mentioned above.
wacommousefilter.sys 2/16/2007
UltraMonUtility.sys 11/13/2008

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