Rar file 'folder access denied'

I'm on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

I'm the administrator of my computer But for the first time I am unable to unpack a rar file There are 7 of them each part of a 2 GB file. Every time I try to unpack the rar file any one of them I get a message at the end saying 'file access denied' I need permission from the adminstrator to make changes to this file. But I am the administrator


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That is not a normal requirement for a .rar file loaded on Windows 7. I will assume you have WinRar or some other Rar utility installed to handle the files?

I will also assume you can open other .rar files, but not these 3 very large files?

If you right click on the file and look at properties, is there an "unblock" button?

Is this a video type file or a data file? Does it matter where you got if from? Could they be infected with some type of virus?

Have you tried unpacking the file as Administrator, or starting Explorer as Administrator prior to expanding the file?

Do you have room on the partition to unpack the file?


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Try to re-download it and extract it. Another option is to use another rar program, if it still doesn't work then probably the rar file is damaged.

hope this helps

Thx guys I fixed the problem buy using a different rar extractor. Don't know what th eprob was I've never had that problem with winrar before Mind you I've never tried to extract 2.5 GBs from 7 rar files before, if the size has anything to do with it


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glad to hear it worked for you:up: i know the feeling of extracting a large file..i do as large as 4.5 gb with 25 parts (mostly games) :redface:

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