Windows 8 Realtek HD audio drivers that WORK


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Hey, i noticed that many people have problems with their Realtek audio drivers in windows 8, as did i...

After trying and trying, and trying to get it working, i rememberd that i had the same problem in windows 7.

When i had windows 7 i got the problem fixed via installing sound drivers that wasnt really for my sound card.

i do not know if this will work for you, but its worth a shot, right?

My motherboard is an ASUS A8V-VM ( ) by the way and the drivers that made my audio work in windows 8 is the "AD200B_6570_Win7" Drivers.

( )

I hope this will work for you as well!

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I have the same problem with the same motherboard. For some reason when I try to install those drivers I get an error at about 40%. Any ideas for that?

Edit: The download link you provided doesn't work.

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Wow! That's a pretty old motherboard, the last bios update is for 2007 so I'm not surprised you might have had some issues. Regardless of the above, if you've managed to get the motherboard working under Windows 8 then all credit to you especially as the last drivers released by Asus were intended for Vista.

ASUS - Motherboards- ASUS A8V-VM

Realtek can be found here:


@uovahulluus if the latest Realtek driver won't install try right clicking, choosing properties and then comaptibility for Win 7.

Realtek drivers were the first thing I tried, but didn't manage to get them to work. I ended up digging up my Soundblaster Live Value (from mid/late-90s I guess) and installed the kX Audio Driver. At the moment it seems to work, altough I got some error message at startup.


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Do you know what the error message is? Try checking your event viewer.

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