Reboots like installing new Windows after update

Win 8.1
Win 8.1
Every time after a major automatic update through Windows Updater, after rebooting, the computer starts the same process as the last steps when you install a fresh version of Windows 8, that is, you see the multicolor screens one after the other with the message that it's installing your apps, then don't turn off the computer etc. After the sequence is over, I'm taken to a blank screen and I have to log out and in to my profile. It seems, that after the update I'm being logged out.
I only have one user with the computer and I turned off the guest account.
Also and It may be related,Can't create a new user account
I created a new user account with administrator priviliges as usual, but the new account does not show when I log off and then in or try change accounts. It also isn't listed on the upper right corner of the start page.
Basically even though I see it in other accounts, I can't switch to it.
I turned on Guest Account and also I can't choose it.

Please advise


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What software did you use to make a new account?

Regardless, please open the "computer management " (Local) console… [windows key] + [X] and it's about the middle.

Then select "System tools" > "Local users and groups" > "Users" and have a look if this new account is in that place… post us a screenshot if you need to.

Thanks for your reply.
Strange but there is no "local user and groups" at the location you instructed.


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Please post a screenshot so I can see the console... mine looks like this.

p.s. did you get this system 2nd hand?


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The Local Group Policy Editor and Local Users and Groups is only available in the Window 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise editions. They are not available in the Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT editions. Maybe you are running the standard edition?

As Ussnorway asks, how and where did you get your Windows installation

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