Recovered Files from Norton 360 Not Working

Alright, so this is kind of complicated. I really hope someone can help me. This weekend, I was unable to login to Windows. When it got to the login page, I got no response from my keyboard or mouse. I tried 3 system restore points, none of which worked, so I had to go with a full system recovery which returned my computer to factory settings. I use Norton 360 so I had all of my files backed up to their online storage. When I went through the computer set-up, it set up a profile for me under the name jmdunn2. When I recovered my files from Norton, it said that it restored them to the original location, but that location was now under the C:/Users/owner tab. I want to just be able to move these files into the C:/Users/jmdunn2 tab, but when I right-click, I am not given the "Move to" or "Copy to" options. It seems like they're all locked into place somehow. Can somehow help me figure out how to get my computer back to normal?


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Can you access the file in the present location?

What kind of files are they?

When you reinstalled Windows you created a new user and it placed the files in the owner folder because it probably didn't see exactly the configuration that you had before.

Have you tried using the keyboard controls to copy and paste them?

Control C, and Control V. Don't use "Cut" if you have a problem you don't want them to disappear.

How about opening two windows side by side and dragging?

I'm not sure why you don't see copy and past, I get them when I look at my User Folders.

Do you see cut and paste when you click on folder not in your Users Owners folder?

Anyway give those a try and if that doesn't work come back.


Ps. You could also try and use Grant Full Admin Control.

Take and Grant Full Control Permissions and Ownership in Windows 7 or Vista Right Click Menu « My Digital Life

I have one program, that solves every Norton problem, regardless of what version we're talking about, and I suggest that everyone that still has Norton on their PC use it.

It's called the "Norton Removal Tool".

I just downloaded the program (again) so I know the link works.

In 30+ years, I've never seen any one program screw up as many PC's as Norton. And it's not even FREE!

There are many FREE programs that actually work better than Norton, don't load down your PC as much and will never bug you to upgrade for another $49 or so.

I use only AVG 2012 FREE, for my own PC's and those of my hundreds of customers.

Cheers mate!

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