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I made 5 audio tracks with my friend the other day and they've been permanently deleted by accidentally clicking undo, undo, undo, undo, undo, new folder on the desktop where I saved them.

I used software called recuva which lets you go back to recover permanently deleted files but it only recovered 4 of them and can't find the other.

I named the files:
Untitled 1
Untitled 2
Untitled 3
Untitled 4
Untitled 5

I imported Untitled 2 into premiere pro before losing them and it's the one I can't find or recover but the others are fine. It's shit because that's the one I wanted the most.

Does anybody know what I could do to get it back & could premiere pro have anything to do with the file not recovering properly? Help would be appreciated :)


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When a file is "deleted" all that really happens is the pointer to it in the MFT Master File Table is removed and the space the data occupies is marked as available. So at that point the data is still there and is still recoverable; however since it is marked as free anything could potentially be written over that data. If you were not able to recover it it may be gone. I would try "GetDataBack for NTFS" I've had better luck with it recovering data but there is a chance that it has been overridden.
The software you used is a good one, but it sometimes happen that all your data is not recovered and nothing can be done about it. You can just try your luck once again using Remo Recover Pro. It provides a free demo.

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Hello Ismellrudolph,

I hope that you had recovered your lost file.

I totally agree with John Calton B, that the software you had used is totally good, but sometimes it happen that the software would not be able to recover your 100% data. You can try a free version of 'Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software' by 'Stellar Phoenix'. I had been advised the same from my friends. I had used this software and is quite satisfied with its output. It’s quite capable of recovering the lost/deleted data. I advise you to give a chance to its trial version.

Good Luck!!!!


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My strong recommendation with Oliver Powell, The tool provides outstanding result from almost any kind of data corruption situations like damage and corruption of hard disk, formatting and reformatting partitions, data corrupted due to virus and malware infection, etc. You can try its free demo version from and evaluate its functionality and performance yourself. Raid data recovery, scan of more than 2 TB of storage device, compatible with all Windows versions, its exclusive features make more simple its entire data recovery process.


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If any data permanently gets deleted from your computer system and you actually want to recover your data back as it was very confidential, then I first suggest you, not to try anything fancy on your computer system. Don't try to install any application or copy any data into the system. The reason is that if your install any application or copy any data on computer system, the space which now become available after the data deletion will be override by the application or data. Unistal Windows Data Recovery Software allows easy and efficient recovery of permanently deleted data from windows.


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Well, the OP certainly has a lot of choices and good information now.:) However, it's been over 2 months since he posted and we've yet to hear back from him. It's unlikely he's going to return at this point. He either solved his problem on his own or found an answer elsewhere. I'd like to suggest to our Admins to close this thread, as it's just an invite to everyone to post every Recovery program in the known Universe to this thread. We have plenty of other threads that cover this topic in gory detail!



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Hi: have u already put some new things to where u lost the audio tracks? Even the recovery files u cannot put them into the same files folder because the recovery files would take the data place. And u can try EaseUS data recovery software. Search it in the google. and u can find the official website.


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@northangrywolf: As I said this OP hasn't posted back to our responses in nearly 3 months. Are you posting this information to help him or everyone else? It's already a severe duplication issue, as everyone is chiming in here with their own personal favorite file recovery program.


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And u can try EaseUS data recovery software. Search it in the google. and u can find the official website.
This is a paid software, God knows whether it works or not. So before paying for such commercialware tools, you should use a free data recovery software. There are few vendors in the market who provide freeware tools, Recuva is one of them. I've used it many times, and it never disappoints me. It's available for both Windows as well as Mac systems.

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Hi, I am new here, but saw your question. I am not sure whether your issue is solved. But I think Recuva is great, it works well most of the time. If you need another professional tool, then maybe you can try ApowerRecover. It can recover audio as well as other files from hard drives.
One more thing, as I know, if the file is overwritten, it can't be restored. So maybe that important file you need is overwritten, so Recuva cannot find it to recover.
Hope my answer works for you.