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Windows Vista Reinstall Internet Explorer?


New Member
Jan 8, 2009
i'm not sure what's wrong w/ my ie8, but any new window is completely blank. i can't open any pop up links, but if i copy and paste the url, it works. i tried to download ie8 setup from microsoft and install, but it says it doesn't support the OS (as i got the vista version, and there's no windows 7 version).

any ideas?
i cannot find a fix

I am having the same problem. For the longest time it worked fine until I made the fateful mistake of installing the windows live essentials. Not only did I have problems on the installs, but the photo gallery crashed immediately when trying to index my photos. I uninstalled all of the live software using the windows programs feature and thought everything was fine. That is when the IE 8 blank windows feature surfaced. I have been searching technet and other forums but so far have found no answers. There seem to be a number of people out there with the same situation. It seems Microsoft wants us to help them test the beta, but they don't want to get fixes out for the issues that we uncover. It is making me less and less likely to purchase their new system when their thousands of new versions of 7 come out (ok maybe that was exaggerated a bit). If anyone has a fix sans reinstalling windows, let me know.
I have had a problem where IE8 simply won't run. It was working perfectly and then it crashed and now will not work at all. I am running Flock, although some of the features won't work properly and Firefox, but I sometimes need IE and I cannot reinstall it. The feature for turning it on and off is not available under Programs and the vista version of the Beta is not compaitble. I don't want to have to reinstall the whole OS as I have go it running perfectly for my needs right now.

MS need to get a fix for this asap. Windows 7 is what Vista should have been and works so well on my 2 1/2 yr old laptop. All except this darn IE issue
Can't open new tab

this is the most frustrating thing, and i can seem to find a fix, or a way to reinstall IE8. can't they at least post the IE8 files so i can re-install?