Reinstalling Wind 7


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I have just installed wind on my comp, since installing have found problems with operating system(bad install suspected) Have tried formatting the drive using format in my comp but it refuses to let me format. How does one format the drive with wind 7 installed? Will inserting the windows 7 DVD in rom drive format the drive and reinstall wind 7. Thought it best to seek help before i go ahead and mess things up.


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Can`t format while using it!!!

It is not logical to format a hard drive that is currently in use.
Ways to do it:

  • from another OS which is installed on another partition
  • Hiren`s boot cd, System Rescue CD, or something similar
  • Inserting the Windows 7 (or any OS) CD and rebooting.
In this case I think the best you can do is format the hard drive with the Windows 7 DVD and then install it again.
Another thing you can do is to try to repair the installed OS, but I would reinstall it.

Hope I helped


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Thank you jmarinov for your kind suggestions. Have been using my laptop for last few days and only returned to the d/top this morning. Rather than go for a repair i decided to do as you recommended and boot from the wlnd 7 disc, everything is now up and running. I did backup to dvd some programs so not all is lost. My friend previously gave me the wrong info, he said the drive would have to be formatted before windows would install. Thanks to your help i have found it is not as difficult as first thought.
Regards beejay