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Just curious as to if anyone has any speculation when Vista will go gold? Friend told me as early as August this year, but for some reason I remember a 2007 date.


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Mid-to-late 2006 is the current guestimate

I've know about vista for a while now. The reason they are taking so long in my opinion is, they want it to be the best of the best with windows. Most of there other operating systems we great to the average user but to most techs, it was buggy and useless. I still think 2k was the best they released even with the few minor bugs it may have had. I do hope that its release is soon and hope that Vista does change my opinion on Windows. I just hope they went with performance more than its pretty looks.

Microsoft said that it going to be realse in June. Well as far as buggy goes, windows is always buggy, but it's very usefull for small network like office network.

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