Reliability Monitor, not very impressive....

I checked out my computer's Reliability Monitor in Windows 7, and the results seem to be pretty poor.....You can find your Reliability Monitor by clicking Start>search > reli, then click on "View Problem History.



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All mine shows is a few drops due to my battery running out.
Other than that, I had 10's for the first few weeks.


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I also have a clean report. But in support of djwaynes poor showing, I would add that I have the media centre and player turned off. I use third party gear as these two items have given me grief since XP! I also have windows defender turned off, every time I reinstall. I have no need for it and it is just another piece of software between me and the interface.

By the way, for other browsers on the site. Many, like me, have "search" turned off. Nevertheless, I regard Windows, rightly or wrongly, as primarily a GUI mouse controlled environment and would access this facilty like this:

1. Click Start - Control Panel.
2. Click “System and Security” - Action Center. (Or direct to Action centre if you are on "Icon view")
3. Under Maintenance, click “View System history”. This will launch the Reliability Monitor.


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I have IE8, remote differential compression and Windows Defender turned off in favor of Firefox, a faster on site file transfer service, and manual malware elimination.
It seems that MS programs are mainly to blame for instability... what does that say about Ms?


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Well Kyle, I have to confess to being a Microsoft "fanboy" (stupid expression!) But I honestly feel that the department which deals with media software, have been definitely lacking in competency or interest, even since Windows 98!!

Not really sure what the "reliabilty indicator" is supposed to show -- my machines seem fine as they are .

Maybe this is akin to what professional photographers call "Pixel Peeping" -- if you have to use a Lupe to compare the difference between a picture taken with two different cameras -- 'nuf said.

I do agree that Microsofts Multi-media offerings could be a bit more polished and user friendly -- many people have more than one multi-media device and having to set up WMC every time you CHANGE to another device seems rediculous in the extreme -- haven't the developers ever heard of "configuration files".

Turning search off is a good idea.

Another member of this forum pointed me out to a really FAST and excellent piece of searching software called Search everything. Beats Windows search BY LIGHTYEARS too.

(Thanks Dave :razz:)

I think you can find it here.

Everything Search Engine


Well if I turned off IE8 and Windows Media Player, I'd get higher scores too, as those two applications are the source of my problems. But that's not what you're supposed to do. This just shows the weak links in the chain. Although it's true my applications have closed up once in awhile, this isn't a fair test as it doesn't show the amount of time the computer is in use, which is 15-18 hours a day, under heavy use. If I only used it a couple a hours a day, my score would probably be much higher.

So even though my score looks bad on this graph, it really isn't too bad as I'm only getting a handful of problems that happen on rare occasion. I'd rate my computer as about 99% reliable, with a less that 1% problem rate. That's pretty good, not perfect, but pretty good.



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Hmm. Sorry to be rude, but that kind of makes your OP a bit obsolete, and makes the thread a bit redundant??

No, I'm not impressed with the Reliability Monitor, because it doesn't show a fair reading. It makes my computer look worse that it really is. It's not perfectly rock solid, but what computer is ??

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