Windows 10 Reloading Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2007 on Thinkpad T500 (without Disks or nearby Product Key)


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I have a Thinkpad T500 which I had purchased in 2010 and had previously given and received back from my sister.

It was purchased with Windows 7, and I later upgraded it to Windows 10.

It also has Microsoft office 2007 on it, which I would like to keep.

I no longer have any of the original SW Disks or Product Keys, but I would like to reinstall Windows 10 and reload Microsoft Office 2007 back on it for use.

How can I do this?

Thanks for any input on this.

~ Dennis M. 7/26/2022
Use the built in RESET-function..

Use the search-field to search for it and opt to keep all files and accounts or to delete them all... Make sure to read all the info in each window before you click Next... there migh be a place where you have to say REMOVE ALL twice!
Thank you very much for your rapid response.

When I read the Options, however, in both cases it says that it removes my Office 2007. I would like to keep using EXCEL, Powerpoint, Word on this Computer after the Windows reinstall.

Will Microsoft Office 2007 remain? (I no longer have the installation disks for these).

I do, however, have my subscription to Office 2016 which I ordered with my ThinkPad T560.

If I lose the Office 2007 during the Windows 10 Reset on the T500, can I download Office 2016 from my Microsoft Account to my T500?

Thank you again for your help with this.

~ Dennis M.


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you can't do jack without knowing the model... there are 6 different T500 that i know of