Remapping only one of two keyboards

I have a ps/2 keyboard controller that was originally designed for an arcade system, however the software designed to reprogram the rom does not connect to it anymore. It functions well, but they keys are just locked to whatever they were last programmed to be. Sooooo, what I would like to do is to remap the PS/2 keyboard (it appears to windows as any standard keyboard) but NOT remap the USB keyboard that is also attached...otherwise it would be unusable.

Is there a way to accomplish this?


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HidMacros is the only program I've seen that really works for this, even then it's not really a great idea (why not just by a second keyboard if you need one?) God luck! :)

That program is brilliant. I think that will work.

As for why I need it, I might as well fill you in. The ps/2 device isn't an actual's a little device that the pc treats as a keyboard, but basically has screw terminals where you can hook things like arcade buttons up to it and when those buttons are pressed, the computer reads it as a regular keyboard press. It (was) completely programmable until the eprom stopped taking a it's locked to the random settings it has. So, even though it has 32 button inputs, the only number keys I have access to are 3,4,8, & 9 plus a bunch of random letters and symbols.

What I really need are numbers 0-9. I'd rather just not remap the whole windows keyboard driver because I'd like the option to have a second keyboard plugged in that works perfectly normally. From what I can tell, your program (even though it's not supported anymore) will do the trick! Thank you!!!!

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