Remember, the time to upgrade drivers is near... ;)

Hey gang,

So now that Windows 7 is at the RTM stage (and has been for a while) the time to upgrade certain drivers is upon us.. It's important to remember that not every "beta" driver will still work on Win 7 RTM.. Keep this in mind if your going to install the RTM.. I'd recommend doing a full search for all your hardware before you install the RTM to make sure that developers haven't snuck out an updated driver since the Beta or RC because they certainly will start to emerge sooner then later.. ;)

Just a friendly reminder for all those who are thinking of installing the RTM and may be having some driver issues.. :)

Cheers for now..


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For me thats not so easy. Let's see now. HP has yet to make any keyboard drivers available among other things. And Logitech claims most if not all their drivers webcams and the like work but, they don't work for me. My betting money says I will still be waiting for certain drivers for quite a while after the launch of Windows 7.


Driver incompatibility is why Vista was such a failure. I can't decide if upgrading to Vista was worse than the Win3.1 to Win95 upgrade or the Win98 to XP upgrade. I've tried a few Vista drivers with Windows 7 release candidate. They seem to work ok. Microsoft really made an effort to fix driver incompatibility problems in Windows 7.

Windows Vista isn't a failure im my opinion.. Without it we wouldn't have the true gem that is Windows 7.. ;) Something to keep in mind.. Win 7 spawned from Windows Vista so it couldn't have been that big of a failure.. One would think if it had been Microsoft would have changed the overall model for Windows 7.. But instead we have a near Vista clone.. Don't get me wrong here, we have a damn fine Vista clone.. I'm just saying, Vista wasn't as much of a failure as some let on.. ;)

Windows 7 is indeed the best OS to come from Microsoft to date besides Windows NT in my opinion.. ;)

being a moron i never do those kind of things however when my new conruser arrives on 0ct 30th i might make a mental note to list all drivers and regularly search for upgrades thanks for reminderand learn how to di it. i knew this forum would be worth itas i don't get out much now its fairly important to me but they have started to get quite confusing with all the add ons the specs of my new one is staggering in just a few years and wppropriately priced. but this is probably the last one i will ever buy unless i capture first prize on the lottery, 60 million pounds next friday, ooohh i wish.

Yes I found out the hard way. Now Sony doesn't have and sounds like it will not have any drivers for my Mass Storage Controller. Now I can not use some of my usb contections. Like tethering my blackberry to the computer.
If any body has ideas I open... VGN-Cr220E Sony Vio:frown:

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