Remote Desktop can't connect to my home win7 pc


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I'm using Win7 Professional at home and winxp at my office. I can connect fine from home to office but can't connect from my office to home. I have gone through all of the google searchs and all of the posts on this forum without any luck. I have checked that my modem has port 3389 forwarded. I have confirmed that it's listening on that port. I have checked all the firewall settings, and even turned off the firewall and still can't connect. Can someone suggest a possible solution?


What procedure are you using to connect to your PC from the Office? Remember that you'll need to use an external IP address, instead of an internal address when outside of your home network (A local IP address looks like, An external IP address looks like

Thanks Jack. I am using the correct ip address. Before I started I used "whatismyipaddress", wrote it down and that's what I put in on the other end when I tried to connect. I even put in the port number after a colon "

Now this is bizarre. Yesterday I could connect fine, today I can't connect. What could be the problem. The settings on my home pc have not changed since then.

Sorry about this. My home ip address had change overnight. Must be those darned automatic updates had rebooted. Hmmm...... how does one get around it.

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