Windows 7 Remote Desktop Client Custom Port.


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Alright, so here I am installing Win 7 64bit and getting it all sorted the way I like it.

I see the Remote Desktop Connection client, and decide to connect to my home server with it. I have changed the routing port on it so it routes from a port which isn't default to the default (3389) and so I usually enter (As per the microsoft FAQ) the hostname/IP : port.. However when I click connect I get this:

The computer name is blank of it contains invalid characters. Try typing it again. Invalid characters include: spaces, tabs, ; : < > * + = \\ | ? ,"

How do I specify the port im connecting to if the default method is an invalid character?

Ok, it turns out I'm just an idiot. The port number for it was a date and i was including the 0 in the month resulting in a bad port number. The error was very misleading though :(

Tried changing the topic to "SOLVED" but cannot do so :(
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