Windows 7 Remote Desktop Keyboard Error


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Has anyone seen an error where when they try to log in to their Windows 7 machine via Remote Desktop the computer attaches and the mouse works but the textboxes don't accept the keyboard input?

I'm attaching through the web interface on my Windows Home Server. (I've seen that several people here don't like it. Please I'm not asking for flame posts about Windows Home Server. I'm happy with it and it does everything I've wanted from it so I'm not entertaining getting rid of it.) I cannot log in direct right now since I'm at work and they block that port on the router here. If anyone knows of an issue or some ideas on this I'd appreciate the input so I can check it out when I get home tonight.
Ok I tried the accesibility functions and used the onscreen keyboard to log in. Once I logged in the everything was operating normally. So I completely disconnected and tried two other times. Both time the password text box worked properly.