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Hello, I'm rather new to hosting servers and I wanted to connect to my server from anywhere but, I do not know how and I already port forwarded the server. I am running 2012 R2


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1. Modern servers use a protocol called "remote management" instead of the old "remote desktop".

2. In order to reach the server from a different machine across any type of dot network you first have to punch a hole in the firewalls * so that the two machines can conduct a handshake protocol… in most cases you use the "dcomcnfg" commands to do it but some retards just disable their dot security all together.

* To be clear, You need to do this on both the server and the machine (which is usually a laptop now days) remote managing it.

3. That gets the two talking but not over the internet… for that you need a way to resolve the name into an ip address the internet will accept. Different countries allow or restrict what you can do but generally you need some kind of "static| dynamic name to ip address"… i.e. a business dns.

p.s for private or small business usage, a workgroup is MUCH easier to set up and considerably less overhead than a domain but ime once you have more than ten users it becomes much of a muchness.

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