windows server 2012 r2

  1. G

    RDP Connection Authentication Error

    Hello Everyone, I have a AWS Server running Windows 2012R2. I have been using it for long and it works fine. Today I changed 2 group policy settings i.e. -Accounts: Limit local account use of blank passwords to console login only - disabled -Network access: sharing and security model for local...
  2. R

    Hyper V Replica Broken with different network in Windows Server

    Good Morning! I have 2 clustered nodes in proxmox on network Connected to vpn to another network, I have another hyper v that I would like to use as a replica server: However, when I configure Replica Broken, it only lets me put addresses from the first network...
  3. M

    The drive where windows is installed is locked. unlock the drive and try again (windows server 2012 R2)

    Hi Everyone, A charity where I volunteer has an HPE ProLiant DL60 Gen9 Server. It is equipped with 2 hard drives 1TB SATA configured in raid 1. Raid: HPE Dynamic Smart Array B140i RAID Controller The installed operating system is Windows Server 2012 R2. When the server starts up, I come...
  4. AyyyJono

    ApplicationData Shortcut to itself?

    I've recently come across something that has perplexed me and I do not understand the reason for it. Under C:\Users there is a shortcut called All Users. This takes me to C:\ProgramData. In ProgramData there is a shortcut for Desktop, Documents, Start Menu, Templates but oddly, ApplicationData...
  5. D

    network connectivity abnormal

    hi, we have a 2012 server's nic showing connected to internet but cant ping firewall returns Destination host unreachable though firewall can reach internet. it can ping firewall. all other devices can reach internet. i checked in the firewall and saw ping was allowed and packet was...
  6. Nalazzabi

    Read Only Domain Controller , How to prevent add and modify users & GPO

    Dear at Microsoft Answers ,,, I have created RODC in my office connected to my PDC , the installation steps i took from Microsoft docs and Alternetive Websites ... The issue is that the RODC can Add/Modify/Delete Users & Groups , how to prevent that ? i want the RODS be able to read only . HINT...
  7. G

    WMI Filter help

    I'm trying to create a filter for Windows 10 machines and apply to a background policy. I've tried select * from Win32_OperatingSystem WHERE Version like "10.%" AND ProductType="1" AND OSArchitecture = "64-Bit" but is not working. My teacher suggests using the build number? I've used WMI...
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