Remove entry from boot menu?


This is my first post here. Maybe this is a silly question but I couldn't figure out to solve it by myself.
Until some time ago I had two HDs on my system, being Windows XP at a SATA and Windows 7 at an old IDE. Recently I upgraded my motherboard to a new model that doesn't support IDE so I just discarded the Windows 7 HD and sticked to XP.

The problem is that now every time I boot my computer it shows a boot menu with the options:

Windows 7
Earlier Windows version

I would like to remove it to not have to keep selecting the "Earlier Windows Version". I tried the boot.ini but I think that it is somewhere else because these entries aren't there.

Any clue?



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You need to go to "msconfig" (type it on search bar in Start Menu as shown below):


And then delete the other boot option from there under "Boot" tab:

Boot Options.png


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It won't work. As I mentioned before these entries aren't in the boot.ini. Look what I see with my msconfig:



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Try visual bcd editor.

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