Windows 8 Remove the Ease of Access Button from the Logon Screen in Windows 8.1

Majid Salsal

New Member
I want to remove completely the 'Ease of Access' button shown in Windows Logon Screen. This is just to ban a security issue related to the use of this button, when the hacker changes the 'utilman.exe' file in Windows folder into the 'cmd.exe' by taking some steps. Then, after restarting the Windows, clicking on this icon shows you a fully-privileged Command Prompt and this way the hacker is able to change even the 'Administrator' account's password :(.
Looking for solutions to this issue you will find a lot of articles to solve it, but currently they all share just Windows 7 or previous versions. A solution on this is at "Disable or Remove the Ease of Access Button from the Logon Screen" which is working but leaves the hacker's hands open to easily bypass it. Another solution is at "How to Remove “Branding Logo” and “Ease of Access” (Accessibility) Button from Windows Vista and 7 Login Screens? - AskVG" which is not applicable to Windows 8 or 8.1. The 'Resource Hacker' or other recommended tools do not show you an editable XML-like text. Maybe it is the Microsoft response to the Windows 7 tricks :iee:.

I need a solution workable exactly for Windows 8.1.
Thanks for any help
As I stated in my question, there is a way to DISABLE that button, but I want to REMOVE it from logon screen. If you read it with care, disabling that button does not block the hacker to bypass the security issue related to it. Removing it is my desire.