Remove Ease Of Access icon from logon screen


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I really like Win 8.1 and its many improvements over Win 7 although I do not use the Start screen.

My tablet has no problem and is working exactly as designed; I am not trying to fix anything that is broken.

What I want is to remove the Ease Of Access button, icon, menu, whatever it's called, from the logon screen on my Windows 8.1 tablet. I do not want to disable, turn off, or remove Ease Of Access tools from the tablet. I want to remove or disable the icon only from the logon screen, just the logon screen, just that one icon.

A solution would be to break that Ease Of Access icon only on the logon screen but with Ease Of Access remaining fully operable throughout the system as normal.

After logging on I want the Ease Of Access tools fully available as normal except not on the logon screen.

A registry hack would be OK. I will make a disk image backup in case I break anything so I can return to where I started if needed.

Any ideas out there?

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