Windows 10 Renaming folder Windows 10 and after


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I just thought I would complain about how the file folder updates in the middle of typing in a current file folder to add, remove, change the name and as a result it highlights the entire name in the middle of you typing and already having started editing it and then because it highlights the entire folder name and because you are already typing it removes the entire file folder name and only leaves what you haven't finished typing yet. Extremely annoying, irritating, and frustrating. I wish I could just throw this version of Windows back and everything still work as though it were updated. Never had this problem before. Now that I need it more, it works less.
Yes that's the trouble with untested scripts made by people who "assume" everyone has the same workload and abilities

However this forum isn't Microsoft and you may as well shout down your toilet bowl as tell us about it

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It sounds like a keyboard or a keyboard driver issue.

Try using the on-screen keyboard or a different keyboard to see if you face the same issue.