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When I am trying to copy a game from external hard drive. My windows 10 is sending this error that "Filename too long for destintion folder" cancel or skip. can anyone help me on this.

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The tutorial mentioned above is good, however, if you are looking for a quick solution, you can try the long-path-tool. It helped me as well.


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You can also use the subst command.

subst <VirtualDrive> <Physicaldrive>

Then subst <VirtualDrive> /D to remove it

subst T: C:\Windows\System32

So now the file C:\Windows\System32\test.txt has a path T:\test.txt

Same thing but with PowerShell
New-PSDrive -Name T -Root C:\Windows\System32 -PSProvider FileSystem

and to remove...
Remove-PSDrive -Name T


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i was gonna' suggest just moving it to the boot directory, rather than child-folders … in most cases it would be C:\filename instead of C:\Windows\System32\filename … however seems all the other suggestions are spot on as well. oh … and remember to scan that file with your chosen av as well as and malwarebytes and anything else you wanna' throw at it … create system-restore point … and watch the installation-interface as well.


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Try Long path Tool


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Do consider trying out the "Long Path Tool" .

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Long Path Tool is the perfect utility that can solve all the long path issues. It allows you to delete, copy and rename long path files.

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