Renewed Partnership Delivers Samsung Galaxy TabPro S with Windows 10


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Jun 27, 2006
What an incredible week at CES! It’s always exciting to see new devices and experiences, including new Windows 10 devices from Acer, Alcatel, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, and many more. We continue to be energized by the passion we see for the Windows ecosystem, with Windows 10 now running on more than 200 million active devices, and the innovation coming to people around the world.

Today, I had the honor of joining Samsung President Dr. Won-Pyo Hong during his keynote briefing at CES to celebrate a renewed partnership and a commitment to joint innovation. Of course, Windows and Samsung have worked closely together for over 30 years – co-designing many great Windows devices. With Windows 10, both companies wanted to do something great together, and we showcased the new Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, along with our shared vision for future innovation together across the entire Internet of Things.
Celebrating the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is a beautiful, ultrathin, detachable 2-in-1 – optimized for entertainment and productivity. Thinner and lighter than the iPad Pro with an Intel Core processor, this device includes active pen support and offers 10 hours of battery life – even when running videos in full-screen. Available this spring, the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S with Windows 10 will be a great device for consumers and organizations. We worked closely with Samsung on it and we’re proud of the collaborative result.

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Windows 10 and the Internet of Things

We’re excited about today’s devices and we’re also inspired about the potential of tomorrow. Along with Samsung, we share a common vision for millions and millions of devices and Things all communicating together using open protocols and standards within inclusive ecosystems, inspiring the creativity of software developers, device manufacturers, and rising star Makers around the world. CES is a perfect event to showcase ideas that we’re collectively exploring and today we were honored to showcase how Windows 10 is the ideal platform for intelligent IoT devices. Our demo on stage highlighted Windows 10 and Samsung IoT-ready appliances working together through a potential scenario of openness and collaboration, creating a future where people have more choice and ultimately can be more productive at home.

We’ve delivered Windows 10 IoT Core for popular Link Removed since releasing it last year, including Qualcomm DragonBoard 410c, Intel Minnowboard MAX and the Raspberry Pi 2. Our investment in Windows IoT continues, with our recent release of Windows 10 IoT Core Pro on December 3rd, where we extended our Windows 10 IoT Core offering to large organizations and the professional community looking for additional update controls for their Windows IoT Core products.

Windows 10 was designed to enable creativity and offer the best end-user experience and most flexible platform for IoT devices – scaling across devices and industries including home, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and much more. Windows 10 uniquely offers:
  • Universal Windows apps enabling developers to use the same code for apps which work across all Windows 10 devices – laptops, all-in-ones, and phones – but also kiosks, terminals, maker boards, and virtually anything imaginable. Universal apps can be quickly developed using the technologies developers already know and easily updated.
  • Rich connectivity for device-to-device, sensor-to-device, and device-to-cloud, so developers can interact with the full range of devices and Things through Windows IoT device APIs, without needing expertise in the myriad of evolving underlying frameworks, transports, protocols, or IoT technologies.
  • Consistent device management on all Windows 10 devices, including IoT devices, using industry device standards, supporting enterprise mobility.
  • Enterprise grade security protecting devices and data against today’s modern security threats.

We believe significant future innovation is just ahead of us for IoT. We are committed to connecting today and tomorrow’s otherwise walled ecosystems, standards and technologies – allowing people to easily control, orchestrate, and enjoy the Things they want, in the manner that works best for their family or organization. We believe in an open platform, enabling choice – and working with the broad range of apps, devices, and form factors. This approach, built on open technologies, protocols and ecosystems, allows all Things and devices to participate, without having to replace the technologies developers and device makers have already invested in.

We look forward to seeing all of the innovative ways Windows 10 comes to life across IoT and to connecting the world with Windows 10 and Samsung devices.


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