reserved win 10 corrupted most of reg files

I reserved win 10 months ago for my laptop built by HP and win7 installed by HP and after finally getting the ok I downloaded as instructed. After reboot my desktop was weird like half win10 and 7. I go into logs and it says my registry files are corrupt so luckily I revert back to 7 and now my desktop is black and in corner it says my copy of windows is not genuine. I call micosoft and after 2 1/2 hrs and explaining they can only install 10 because 7 isn't supported anymore and downloading 10 and now the activation key is no longer good because of something about only good for 24hrs and promised to call back next day in which they did not. they did call the day after that when I wasn't available. I call support on 4th day and after another 1 1/2 hrs on phone they now tell me because my OS isn't genuine I have to call HP and get it reactivated. OK back on phone with HP for 2hrs we cant find a serial number because sticker is gone off a 6yr old laptop and the OEM key and CD key that I had to find with jellybean are no good and am instructed to call MS again and have them find the info imbedded in the win OS. OK Im not computer savy but I do know when Im getting the run around. This laptop was genuine and LEGAL until I downloaded 10 and got all these corrupt registry files.Can SOMEONE besides someone reading out of a book what to do PLEASE help.


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After reboot my desktop was weird like half win10 and 7.
If the WX install finished then the key is now a Windows 10 key.

Does not work on Windows 8 and above because it was designed for 7 and the storage system has changed... worse it can give incorrect keys.

luckily I revert back to 7
What software did you use to do this... a 3rd party app like Acronis will work but the default Microsoft product is shit.

Assuming your old W7 copy was legal then the new WX copy is as well... I'd remove all your hdds/ insert a new blank hdd and install a fresh WX on that, home or pro as before, then skip the "ask for a key screen" until you get to the desktop. Your only other LEGAL option is to find the old W7 key for that machine which could perhaps be an upgrade (from xp) key?

I never activated 10 when it installed. I used jellybean when I was back on 7 I never installed or ran 8. I reverted back with the MS go back to original OS.

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