1. Florim

    Windows 11 Windows crashes + kernelbase.dll error

    Hello everyone, As far as I did my research, it appears that after fresh installing windows 11 twice, I still managed to get corrupted files, when I try to open FiveM it gives me an kernelbase.ddl error. My windows is also frequently crashing, so I did a little research and searched for...
  2. B

    Windows 10 Boot configuration errors - Windows 10

    Hi guys, I started getting these blue screens and it appears something in my boot configuration is corrupted, but I didn't do anything recently so I am not sure what could go wrong there. When I select "Continue" system starts normally, but I keep getting more errors so I wanted to check if you...
  3. W

    Windows XP File context menu broken? | It shows “0??????(O)” instead of “SYSTEM (C:\)”

    Why does this context menu display “0??????(O)”? And how do I repair it? Edit: Clicking on it does open C:\ normally.
  4. C

    Windows 7 Random DLLS Being corrupted! PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Hello! I really need help! Some DLLs are randomly being corrupted on my computer and, according to Webroot, I don't have a virus. Some things that have stopped working are Audacity (wxbase28u_vc_custom.dll), Audiosurf (it started working again?!), and Java (net.dll). The net.dll file is all 0s...
  5. boriskarloff

    Windows 10 Troubleshooting with images

    I have a problem is drving me crazy. I save photos on a camera on PC. I transfer on NAS (D-link with hard disk mirrored) the photos, and sometimes some photos are corrupted. The preview is corrupted and if I open, it is corrupted. Now the unbelievable. If I rename the name file (not the...
  6. C

    Windows Vista Missing ksecdd.SYS driver

    I have a windows home vista and after a fuse blew out in my apartment it started acting strange. When I turned it back on after the fuse blew, it said it was connected to the internet but chrome, Skype, and Steam have disagreed. So in a futile attempt to get it back to how it was I did a system...