Windows 10 Troubleshooting with images


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I have a problem is drving me crazy.
I save photos on a camera on PC. I transfer on NAS (D-link with hard disk mirrored) the photos, and sometimes some photos are corrupted.
The preview is corrupted and if I open, it is corrupted.
Now the unbelievable. If I rename the name file (not the extension), the preview become correct and the if I open the photo, it is correct!

Someone can tell me what happen?

Hi Boris,
is it possible to view the photo's before they are transfered?
Is the NAS drive formatted as MBR or GPT? What is the total size in GB of your NAS?

I don't remember now. The GB are 2 or 3 mirrored. It is my customer's NAS.
Can you tell me why do you need this information?
If the drives are larger than 2GB and they are formatted as GPT, and your W10 computer has a bootdrive (C: drive) formatted as MBR which it would be from the factory if that HDD is <2TB in most cases, the files are being copied from a drive with an incompatible file format (GPT) trying to be read on your W10 computer which is running MBR. That's most likely the reason why you have rename the file in your MBR drive in order to preview/open the file.

You (or your Customer) have 2 choices:
1.) Backup all the data on your (their) NAS device elsewhere such as to the Cloud or another external drive, clear the NAS and reformat it in MBR format. Restore the data back on to it. Retest your file copies.*

2.) Do a Clean Install of W10 on the connected computer to the NAS, and before installing any programs or data onto it, reformat the bootdrive as GPT (to match the NAS, if it is indeed formatted already as GPT, which is quite likely due to it's size). Reconnect the W10 computer to the NAS and retest your file copies. With any luck, that problem you had should go away. :up:

*NOTE: This will only work if the NAS itself and it's driver are backwards-compatible to MBR format. You may have to check with the manufacturer of the NAS. Many are not backwards compatible, or the hardware is but the NAS-drivers will not support it. If that's the case, you'd have to convince your Customer to replace their NAS with one from a different company that does support the MBR format.

Hope that helps.
Well GPT won't really affect the filesystem. GPT just allows for local partitions to be larger than 2TB and more than 4 local partitions on a single disk. If the NAS is a CIFS share then NTFS can handle the larger partition sizes just fine. I would say at some point during the file saves and copy that something is screwing up the headers. When it's re-saved the header is corrected.