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I have a windows home vista and after a fuse blew out in my apartment it started acting strange. When I turned it back on after the fuse blew, it said it was connected to the internet but chrome, Skype, and Steam have disagreed. So in a futile attempt to get it back to how it was I did a system restore to the day before after it did the system restore it restarted, and I was greeted with the windows boot manager (see image) with a status of 0xc0000221, a missing ksecdd.sys driver, I've tried many things to fix this, I've tried the most common solution which requires me to hold F8 and boot up the system in safe mode with command prompt. But when I try it loads the files and just puts me back onto the same windows boot manager screen. I do not have the installation disc and would prefer an answer that does not require me to obtain one. I was able to get a USB with the missing driver on it but I do not know how to get it on my PC. Please if anyone has any answers, help me out. It would be VERY appreciated.
Hi, apologies as it looks like your post has been missed. Did you still need some help with this issue?