1. I

    Windows 11 Windows Recovery is missing

    Semi-followup to my previous question. After solving that (by switching my installation to UEFI boot) I still have a minor issue: Windows Recovery is missing. There is no BCD entry for it, F:\EFI\Microsoft\Recovery is empty, C:\Recovery is also empty. What should I do to repair it?
  2. david99999

    Windows 10 Missing Icons

    Sometimes, Icons on Start are missing. :oops:
  3. dominict

    Windows 8 Hard disk problem and missing dll

    A few days back, I got an error "Windows detected a hard disk problem". Thinking that it'll fix the problem, I reinstalled windows 8. However, for the past few days I've still been getting the same error when I turn on the computer. I ignore it and I can use my programs and play games without...
  4. Ron Binmore

    Windows 10 How to re install missing items from closing screen

    Other than turning the computer off and doing a "Restart", how do you get "File Explorer-settings-power-all apps" to show at the bottom left hand of the screen. Please see the attachment. Cheers, RonBin79
  5. S

    Windows 7 Right-Click Context Menu Missing

    Ever since I updated a set of Windows Updated 2015Oct17, my Right-Click Context Menu missing. I'm currently running Win 7 Home Pro OS with a Logitech MK320 Keyboard+Mouse wireless. I followed the steps, as explained from technet microsoft com en-us library cc960925 aspx: to edit the registry...
  6. C

    Windows Vista Missing ksecdd.SYS driver

    I have a windows home vista and after a fuse blew out in my apartment it started acting strange. When I turned it back on after the fuse blew, it said it was connected to the internet but chrome, Skype, and Steam have disagreed. So in a futile attempt to get it back to how it was I did a system...