Windows 7 Right-Click Context Menu Missing


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Ever since I updated a set of Windows Updated 2015Oct17, my Right-Click Context Menu missing. I'm currently running Win 7 Home Pro OS with a Logitech MK320 Keyboard+Mouse wireless.
I followed the steps, as explained from technet microsoft com en-us library cc960925 aspx: to edit the registry for NoViewContextMenu. However, I didn't have one to begin with; I had to add it in. Yes, I created a system restore point prior to editing this registry key. Yes I should have backed up my registry beforehand and didn't. No, once I rebooted my machine after including NoViewContextMenu did my right-click menu reappear. BOOO!!! Has anyone here ever been forced to go without right-clicking to do something!! This is driving me crazy!! Help please!! The only thing I can figure, as to how I got to this point to begin with, is a Windows Update. I'm forced to use keyboard shortcuts and can't even open more than one web browser tab at a time. No more right-click, copy, paste...because there is no right-click. Could it be a mouse issue? maybe, but I've already tried changing the batteries, still no menu. I feel like this is more of a system-based issue, since it doesn't seem to be program specific and happens both while working within a program as well as while working at the desktop and within Windows Explorer.