Windows 11 Missing Features In Windows 11


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Apr 10, 2021
I have yet to find out what features are missing in windows 11 that windows 10 has. Does anyone know what they are.? I will not upgrade to windows 11 until I know.
I haven't seen anything noteworthy missing. I find it unlikely you'll find a side by side full feature list
Well I finally downloaded windows 11 and it did not take long for trouble to show up. My laptop started to drop my internet.
When I ran troubleshooter, it told me my wifi was disconnected. But when I tried to reset wifi, it did not work. So after more troubleshooting, it told me other settings may need changing. Now what good is that? How am I supposed to know what needs to be changed? Then I decided to restart the laptop. It worked and I got my wifi back. But then the problem reappeared. So I said goodby to windows 11 and went back to windows 10.
I did not like the added junk windows 11 placed on the taskbar and there may be other things but I did not keep windows 11 long enough to find out.
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