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Windows 11 Windows crashes + kernelbase.dll error


New Member
Nov 9, 2021
Hello everyone,

As far as I did my research, it appears that after fresh installing windows 11 twice, I still managed to get corrupted files, when I try to open FiveM it gives me an kernelbase.ddl error.

My windows is also frequently crashing, so I did a little research and searched for corrupted files, and as far as I found out, It appears that my System.Data.dll file is corrupted and has to be manually restored, but I have no clue on how to do that without trusting some sketchy dll download websites.

I'l also include a link to my CBS log file, you guys might find something else that I simply don't understand of didn't find.

Thanks in advance,

I think it somehow was beceause I was shorting my CPU ?
I just restarted my pc and it wouldn't boot up, so I checked my cables and saw that one of my unused rgb header was actually touching my case, almost my motherboard, so I fixed that and double checked everyting else, now I am not getting the kernelbase error anymore, and so for no crashes aswell, I will update on this before end of the week to let you know it was that or it just magically is working for now.
Nevermind, just got the kernelbase.dll error once again when launching GtaV en FiveM (mod for gta).
But this time I was able to get the crash dump, for those who can open it and get information of it, would be really helpful and much appreciated!


  • 7edbec77-2ecd-4741-ba18-238703effe09.dmp
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After some updates from windows and my motherboard manufacturer (gigabyte - aorus) everything finally seems to work fine, I guess patience was key in this case :)