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The thing is I installed Win7, then installed all the common apps that I usually use everyday (NetBeans, MSN, mIRC, Firefox) and drivers. I decided to install a game, runs, perfect, but the problems is with the resolution, i play it with 800x600, te problem is it won't stay in fullscreen, it just stays with the normal resolution (1360x768) and in the middle, an 800x600 square resolution with the game.. but not in full screen mode, everything that it's not filled, is in black.

I've tried to change the resolution to 800x600 before playing, but it won't fit in fullscreen mode, just an 800x600 square.

Then I've decided to uninstall drivers and install them again, when i uninstalled them, the resolution went to 800x600 (fullscreen), but when i re-installed, again same problem.

Graphic card: nVidia GEFORCE 9500GT

I really have no clue how to solve this. If you need more info, just ask, i'll be happy to give it to you, thanks in advance :)


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whats the actual game? Have you tried running in compatibility mode? Another old tip is to hit Alt+Enter when the game starts and it should go full screen..


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If you run the game in the 1360x768 resolution, does it slow down and that is why you are running in a low res? Maybe it you ran it in at least a 16x9 resolution it might help.

The game is Counter-Strike 1.6

I have tried to run it in compatibility mode, same result, doesn't work, i'm gonna try what you just said kemical hit ALT+ENTER when the game starts.

And Saltgrass I want to run it in 800x600 because that's the resolution i'm used to, and actually, looks better for me. Game runs 100% fine, except for this little resolution problem. Which I want to fix.

Now, i've tried another method to make it work 800x600 fullscreen which actually works but it's kinda annoying, my monitor refresh rate is at 60Hz. What I did was change resolution from the nvidia control panel to 800x600 and change the refresh rate to 75Hz, that actually worked and i can see fullscreen mode, not just the game, but the entire desktop, which is good, what I wanted. But what I don't wanna do is change resolution everytime I want to play.

Now i'm going to test that ALT+ENTER tip, i'll keep you posted.

Edit 1:

I just tried another compatibility changes, didn't work, also tried the ALT+ENTER thingy, didn't work either.

Just in case you need, here are my hardware specs:
Intel Core2Duo E7400 (2.8GHz)
nVidia GEFORCE 9500GT
Mother: ASUS P5N73-AM
Ram: 2x2GB
Win7 Architecture: 32-bits

I don't think more specs are needed ^^

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Why not create a profile using the nvidia control panel so your desktop can drop to 800x600 when playing the game and go back to it's original size when your not...

same problem

i same problem with you , wtf ,hate it my desktop is prefect but when in game it not preferct it , the resolution goes higher resolution but the screen word in game is big size . wtf.


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Do you have a screenshot you could show us? Oh and have you tried changing the resolution that the game runs at? You would need to do this within the games menu..


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A screen shot would be good, but I remember people having problems with Counter Strike.

Go to the top level of the forums and do a search for Counter Strike and look over those threads.

In vista i using 1280x800 after install window 7 my screen desktop is 1440 x 900 , and my game- counterstrike supposed in 1152x864 but now is 1280x1024 In 1152x864 vista i usually play cs the word is smaller size , but NOw the word became big size . somekind of size 14 .


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Did you get the drivers for your nVidia GEFORCE 9500GT directly from Nvidia?

yes my is GEFORCE 400 GT . i not 500 , is another guy . on top


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Actually since he started the thread that's who I would try to help first.:)

u help him 1st , after it works let me know


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It seems the original OP is gone.

There have been conflicts with Counter Strike.

I can only suggest you go the the games forum and search for Counter Strike and look over the posts.

not cs problem , is winow 7 problem . because in vista it works , now window 7 look like alot of problem , my sound system sound look not perfect in vista everything are ok , just having problem in window 7 , OMG sad , feel uncomfortable .

Ok, sorry for the delay, back to business. I took screenshot with Prt Scr, but it copies all black, and the screenshot's resolution is 800x600, which is weird, also i took screenshot from the game with the game hotkey, which again, the resolution is 800x600 and i can see the screenshot. But.. the game still looks in the middle, like a 800x600 square, with black in both sides, it doesn't fill the screen. I'm gonna get my camera and take a pic of the screen since i can't do it with a screenshot.

Second, yes I downloaded official drivers from the nVidia website.

About that profile to switch to 800x600, is what i'm doing atm, but, the screen should change it's resolution in an automatic way, because if i have to change resolution everytime i want to play, it's annoying, even more when i have to minimize to do something else.

And i searched in the forum before creating this thread, but i searched as "resolution problem", i'm gonna use the search tool again but this time with counter-strike.

If you need anything else, feel free to ask me, i'm more than happy to answer your question in order to get this problem fixed ^^

And again, thanks for your time.

PS: I also tried to change the monitor ratio from it's config buttons, but it didn't help.

PS 2: Some phrases might not have sense, because english is not my native language, I apologize.

your problem same with me , is the C.S problem now , so annoying with the black - side screen the window 7 driver should fix it better so we can resume our game .

your problem same with me , is the C.S problem now , so annoying with the black - side screen the window 7 driver should fix it better so we can resume our game .
At first I thought it was problem with the nVidia drivers, so I uninstalled and let Win7 install their own, but had same issues, so i went back to original drivers (latests version) downloaded from nVidia website.

I don't know, but can be a problem with the latest version of the drivers? Should I try installing older version drivers or it will be a waste of time?

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Try the old drivers.. I went back to my old graphics drivers to get rid of an atikdmag error in my event logs.

Window WILL install the new ones again when you do an update.. and you'll have to roll back again if it is the solution.

is a same neither use old or new driver is still the same , the problem is window 7 . mayb nvidia can fix the driver problem or Microsoft of window 7 driver.

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