Windows 8 Revert Windows Store App Update?


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Mar 29, 2013
Hi everyone, first time here. I made the *huge* mistake of updating the People, Mail, Calendar, Messaging app from Microsoft and now my calendar doesn't sync with my Google calendars as it used to. I'm aware of the Google/Microsoft fight on this, but according to Microsoft's own support page, if I had just left this app not updated, everything would be fine still.

Is there any way at all to revert an app update? I'd love to just go back to the old Calendar app and get on with my life. None of its improvements overshadow the huge loss of synchronization. I've done lots of research on this and have only stumbled upon a tool that is able to backup/restore Windows 8 apps. Failing a reversion, I wonder if anyone could back up their non-updated Calendar app and toss me the .zip file so I can restore that to my machine.

Have you considered System restore and go back to a point before the update?
What happens if you right click it and select uninstall? Does it not return everything too normal?
I have considered system restore, but as a separate issue, I had just deleted my restore points to save disk space (I'm on an SSD) and I no longer have a restore point that goes back far enough to resolve this issue. Great timing.

Uninstalling the app... uninstalls it. I'm looking for the old version. I can uninstall and reinstall the new version but that doesn't help.
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