Windows 10 Rise of The Tomb Raider problem

Hunter Long

I would never buy a game from the windows store. I built a PC for a friend around Thanksgivig this year. All was well. Got steam up and going and got him a few games. Well at some point between now and then he bought Rise of the tomb raider on the windows store. He played about halfway through when he started having a problem. When he launches the game it takes him to a browser window that says he game could not connect to the windows store servers. Last night he brings his PC over to my house and I spend over two hours on the phone with windows support and after multiple people remotely accessing the PC they fail to get it to launch. They wound up juggling me around different customer service reps until eventually disconnecting me. After reading some recent windows store reviews of the game it appears a window update is causing this issue.
I've never used the store personally, so I don't if this is possible. The other option is if you can locate the license you can actually add the license to steam which will let you download and run the game from steam.