Woo hoo, I'm loading the new Tomb Raider game!!!


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Tomb Raider rise of the tomb raider is patching as I type this.

I've played every TR game from the first one,
I got Tomb Raider 1 the week it came out and the rest is history.

Back in 1996 Tomb Raider was amazing!

It was the first 3D game, that allowed you to move through a 3D environment going in any direction including away from you.

It also had a character, that could do thing besides just run left, right and jump.

An who didn't like Lara Croft?

I played Tomb Raider 2013 through 4 times and will probably do the same with this one.

If any of you have 3D Vision, these games look fantastic in stereo 3D.
Added to the fact that the graphics are at the top of the list as far as quality it's amazing.

I see that it's done updating, so here I go.

I'll come back with some pics and comments after I've played for a while.



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Sounds good Mike. Looking forward to the pics and write up. I'll pick up the game once it drops in price.


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I'm back after playing through the early part of the game.
First some screenshots, the graphics are fantastic, even better than the last game...

These are the first 4 screenshots that will be part of my Rise of the Tomb Raider desktop theme.
I've already gotten it set up on my computer so it's cycling between these shots.

My theme won't be complete until I finish the game but I'm adding them as I go.

Now about game play...

The game is better than TR 2013, they have eliminated the things that drove me crazy, like the pounding the A- D, A -D keys for 5 minutes to accomplish something. I actually got cramps in my hands doing that.

Stealth plays a more important part and there seem to be more puzzles and less combat at least through the first part of the game.
I only shot 2 people through the first section of the game which is a long stretch. before you get to the first camp.

You actually visit a number of areas in the past and present to get to that point.

You don't have to shoot everyone 10 times to kill them, one shot with the bow to the head and they are dead!
It makes it worth taking your time and getting the shop you want, because arrows are not just sitting around everywhere as they were in the first game.

You have to conserve your ammo and not waste your shots, you have to find the materials to make arrows one of two at a time.
You kill birds or rob nests to get feathers and wood appropriate to make arrows isn't just sitting around everyplace.

If you are clever you can avoid a lot of combat but the downside of that is that you really need to loot the bodies to get stuff you need.

The game runs really well on my computer with everything set pretty much to max settings.
And I'm running with the refresh rate set to 144 fps.

I do have a problem with the sound, in some of the cut scenes the dialog, is either very low or not there.
I turned on the subtitles so I'm not missing anything but it's weird because in only effects the voices, all of the other sounds in the same clip are normal, and this only happens in some clips, in others the voices are normal.

And there is one disappointment for me, that won't affect most people.
The game does not support 3D Vision.

Since the last game was probably the best 3D Vision game ever, and it lists support by Nvidia when you load the game.

I'm really bummed out that I can't play this one in 3D.
There are a lot of clever people out there, I'm hoping that someone will figure out how to make it work.

This has happened with other games that didn't support 3D Vision in the past.

Other than that I'm 100% positive about the game so far.


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