Rollup-packages=cumulative vs. security packages=every is required?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by pstein, Mar 19, 2017.

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    As far as I found out the rollup packages are cumulative.

    So if I want to apply all patches from November 2016 until now only the last rollup package is needed.

    Regarding the security packages its the opposite:

    Every single security package from Novemeber 2016 until now is needed if I want to update
    an old Win 7 system (with security packages only).

    Can someone confirm this view?

    Do a rollup package contain all the security packages or are they always separate?


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    I don't believe that they are always separate. Some OS related patches are system related, and so are some security patches. An example of this is W7 SP1 (Service Pack 1) where they give you both, all rolled up into one large convenient self-installing executable file. kemical might have a better idea of what's been happening with the latest W7 updates via the Microsoft Catalog than I do, as he monitors those regularly for posting of answers. If you have an older W7 system, and you get SP1 installed on it (I have it on disc), then run ALL updates until Windows Update says there are no more updates to download/install, that computer would be and should be updated completely; including all OS patches and the security packages as well.

    Bear in mind that Microsoft is planning on end-of-life-ing W7 in 2020; about 3 years; latest chatter is sooner rather than later. I have been hearing 2019 now, which is only 2 years left on that version of Windows before no more support from MS, and it will soon look like XP or Vista.:andwhat:

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    The convenience roll up package (KB3125574) contains all updates since SP1. You can access this package at the Microsoft Update calalog :
    Convenience rollup package

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