RPC server is unavailable when coming out of sleep


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I have an HP Probook 4530s that the hard disk got corrupted. I cannot find my recovery DVD's so I simply re-installed windows 7 from a retail package (and used my computers product code. That part seemed to have worked fine.

Where I am running into a problem is that when the laptop goes into sleep mode, when it comes out, you get the RPC server is unavailable error. I have done the google search and tried the obvoius like making sure that all the RPC services are set to auto start. I have tried to give the PC a fixed IP address and DNS. I haven't really installed anything on the machine and it has been doing this since the install.

I replaced the hard drive with an SSD, but I didn't think that should make a difference to windows 7. Does it? What do I do next to get this darn machine working.

HP wants me to send them $50 for a set of new recovery disks that cost them a whole $0.05 to make and maybe $2 to ship. Sorry NO. I just want this darn laptop to work. When you get the RPC error the only option it to pull the power plug and disconnect the battery and have the unit crash. My only work around is to change the power setting to have to laptop never go to sleep.



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figured it out. Rather buggy software from HP. Their fingerprint reader/protection software doesn't work and leaves the machine with this error. I have spoken with HP and they say that you require to purchase the recovery CD's if you want it to work. It seems a bit annoying that you have to re-purchase what you had as they made undocumented tweaks to windows to get it to work. OH well, guess I have to live without the fingerprint reader to log in.

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