Windows 7 Run chkdsk and dual boot


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Jun 15, 2009
For some unknown reason, whilst trying to install Windows 7 to a new drive on a dual boot with Vista Ultimate, towards the end of the installation it said that it could not continue and I had to run chkdsk on the C: drive. I waited and chkdsk did run giving all sorts of errors but then the installation would not complete with the same message. The next try failed also, as did the next. I then tried to boot again from the CD, but that also failed - same problem.
I am now left with an ineffective triple boot system. The options are Windows 7, Windows 7 and Vista Ultimate.
How do I remove those choices so that I have only Vista?
I am reformatting the offending drive to try again, and really do not want three Windows 7 choices.
Any suggestions?


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Jun 10, 2009

You can do it by typing msconfig in Start search box.

Click it when it pops up, then click the Boot Tab.

Highlight the entry you don't want and click delete.

Then click Apply and OK.
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