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I have two machines running Win 7 and Win 8.1 and need this to work on the win 8.1 but if we find a proper solution then it could work on Win 7 as well.

I want to display weather on the lock screen. So i found a metro app in the Microsoft store called Forca weather and it worked for about 5 days and after that it became hell. I tried many solutions and it would work sometimes and then stop working again. It also crashes a lot and I tried using a restart software for crashed programs for that but it was too annoying.

The I found an app called Lockscreenify that manages the entire lock screen but it does not seem to be connecting to any servers and therefore useless.

I did read that a lot of people seem to face similar issues with Win 8 metro apps so I am now trying to find a solution that does not involve using Metro apps.

Is there a program that can run an internet program over the lockscreen? I saw something a few years ago but I do not remember the details and I also recently read that a Gina.dll file can run any program over the lockscreen.

Are there tips to get this done? or how to use the Gina.dll file?


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Rather than mucking about trying to hack Windows to do something it's not really meant for, try finding yourself a Weather screen saver that can run instead.


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That is not a bad idea but we will leave it as a last option.

Does anyone know if Live wallpaper can run on Locked screen on the same O/S that would also include weather information?


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You might want to check out Stardock, specifically DeskScapes. Other than that I'm out of ideas.


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While I was looking at the Stardock software and doing searches for examples I came across and found a software called rainmeter and it seems that there is a way to run it on the lockscreen and found the below solution in their forum but could not understand it.

I am pasting it here below... Can anyone explain to me the solution.

Re: Rainmeter'ed Lock-Screen
Post by santa_ryan » June 17th, 2011, 12:59 pm

You could get extremely complex with the use of autoit, rainmeter, and lua to do this.

Kill all instances of explorer to hide the interface, capture all windows hotkeys with autoit and nullify them, and use autoit for your "Logging In" by providing an input box, and typing in a password stored within the file (secret because its compiled, and store the source in a passworded zip file), then use rainmeter as you see fit. I have imagined doing this before, but never really wanted to try it. Also, its fairly safe, as if the autoit file for some reason fails and stops responding, it will stop capturing the windows hotkeys and in turn you can just use task manager.

Or you could use rainmeter input boxes to retrieve the password, then use Lua to check it.



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I sent an email to the makers of the app mentioned above called Lockscreenify.
Let's see if there is a solution for it...


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I found a solution by using the following method.

It takes 3 programs to get it to work as soon as the Screen is locked. The same method works on both Win 7 and 8.1. I think it will work on Windows 10 as well.

The three programs are listed here below with links to download them. There is one more program mentioned for running live wallpaper on LockScreen.

All programs are free




Go down to the download section: ukanth/monitores


Download the final release: Rainmeter, desktop customization tool

IrfanView (To Run GIF as live wallpaper)

IrfanView - Official Homepage - One of the Most Popular Viewers Worldwide


Runsaver: is to run any program when screensaver is triggered. (This will replace any screensaver you might be using).

MonitorES_1.0.1b_Installer: is to run the screensaver as soon as the screen is locked even if the time is set for more minutes. After running it will open in System tray.

Rainmeter: is an amazing program with plenty of features. It works by installing skins which creates a background with many components. The background can also have some or all components on top of all windows. It can also run components from many different skins at the same time without needing any editing. If it will be used then check YouTube videos and use their Forum (I get response within 1hr on Forums. They have very good support).

Irfanview : is media viewer and should be set as the default tool to run Gif files (if another one is not already in use).


As for running weather on lockscreen as soon as it is locked then use the following method:

Extract Runsaver and add the two files called runsaver.exe and runsaver.scr to windows\system32 folder and for 64bit windows also add it to SysWOW64 folder.

Create shortcut for only one of the runsaver.exe that are copied under the windows directory to change the program you want to run on screensaver. Then open the runsaver.exe (directly or from shotrcut) and add any file / program you want to show on screensaver.

Runsaver will create INI file in the both directories which will be identical and no need to worry about them. (I had an issue on win 8.1 and where it did not update the changed program.) If there is an issue then just search for all the runsaver.ini files under the windows directory and delete them, then add the program that you want again. (There will be more than 2 Runsaver.ini because windows will add the runsaver files to more directories. If not found then search the entire C directory for Runsaver.ini)

To use enable runsaver so that it runs the program when screensaver starts just choose runsaver as the windows screensaver.

To exit screen saver after it starts just press on Ctrl+Alt+Del. Mouse or other keyboard buttons do not seem to do so.

Just change one setting on MonitorES. Tick the Auto SSaver on and save. This will be enough to trigger the screensaver as soon as it locks regardless of the time set.

Because Runsaver takes over the entire screen you will need to create everything including the background if it is not taking up the entire area with Rainmeter.

After installing Rainmeter, create all the things you want to show on the lock screen including the clock. (I was searching for a way to display clock on lockscreen like it is on Win 8, 10 and many also searched for it in forums. The one available is a tool that does not look good as it takes over the entire lockscreen and works with a strange timer setting).

The below link is for the latest updates for the weather that work. Others on the web are old and do not work. Not all will provide the needed information. Some of them can be made to be glass and transparent.

⭐ Weather Skins - Rainmeter Forums

Rainmeter works by using INI files for quick editing. They are edited with the notepad program. For safety on the lockscreen you will need to disable right click by using the following code.

Just under




in the INI file and save it.

To disable setting then just delete the INI settings file.

There are options for each component to be at the bottom or at the top of others or on top of all windows. This will need to be done if the components are not showing up. (They might be behind others).

To run live wallpaper on lock screen then it is recommended to use GIF files because videos will run with complete player control.

I use IrfanView as the default GIF player. It has options to run immediately in fullscreen and will show directory on the top left corner by text which can be removed from the features. If used in fullscreen then it can exit with the esc button.

Some programs will not run if on runsaver if they are already running on the computer. So close the program to work on the lockscreen if there is an issue.

Then you can just proceed with the login after exiting the Runsaver screensaver.

Only Rainmeter needs to be allowed through the firewall for live weather updates.

Sometimes it might be needed to install the beta version. I recently had to use it because of some issues with weather. However, any issue you might be facing just request for support on the forum.
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