Running Multiple files at a time in batch.

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    Mar 15, 2014
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    This is my first time posting here so I am sorry if I am not posting in the correct spot.

    I am trying to write a batch file. I have a folder with 333 Hotfix Msu Updates in it. Currently I have a command that will check the folder in a loop and update every computer with those hotfixes. What i want to do is while the system is updating I want to run another file simultaneously iexplore -k. Which will display a webpage in kiosk mode while the computer is updating, currently I use the | in command but the problem is this command runs when the computer shuts down and when the hotfixes are done the iexplore -k command won't terminate and the computer won't shutdown. I have already tried using the start command and adding a taskkill command at then end but it still won't work.

    Any ideas?

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